World 6-year-old was shot dead after motorists' dispute

6-year-old was shot dead after motorists’ dispute


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A 6-year-old was shot and killed on a California highway on Friday after an argument between his mother and another motorist, local media reported. The mother of the young boy, named Aiden Leos, was on her way to drop her son off at school in Orange, about 50 miles southwest of Los Angeles, when a car made a fishtail tail.

Gestures were reportedly exchanged and one of the two motorists in the other vehicle pulled towards the mother’s car, hitting her son, who was sitting in a booster seat. “He said ‘mom my stomach is hurting,’” Aiden Leos’ sister Alexis Cloonan told local Fox 11 television.

The two motorists wanted

Panicked, the mother then pulled up to the side of the highway, hugged her son, and noticed that he was bleeding. The child, taken to hospital, succumbed to his injuries.

This is an “isolated act of traffic violence,” said Florentino Olivera, a California highway police officer, in Los Angeles Times. The two motorists are still wanted by the police.



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