World A case of one hundred mandarins sold for more...

A case of one hundred mandarins sold for more than 8,000 euros at auction


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648x415 mandarine illustration

A tangerine (Illustration). – CLOSON / ISOPIX / SIPA

A 20 kg box of Japanese mandarins was sold for one million yen (approximately 8,160 euros) at auction this Thursday in Tokyo (Japan). The luxurious wooden box contained one hundred of these satsuma mandarins, also called mikans.

This was the first sale of this citrus fruit since the start of the season, considered to be particularly promising, reports CNN. Mikans, of the Hinomaru brand, usually fetch the highest prices on the market.

A melting tangerine with fewer seeds

Only about a hundred growers cultivate this mandarin, which grows in the Nishiuwa region. It develops thanks to “three suns”, explains Shin Asai, sales specialist. The famous citrus indeed benefits “from the real sun, the sunlight which is reflected in the sea and that which is returned by the stone walls built for terraced cultivation”, details the expert.

Hinomaru mikans are also known to have fewer pips than other species and to have a skin that peels easily. These mandarins are highly sought after for their melt-in-the-mouth consistency.

Experts welcome the final price of this 20 kg batch. “Since each season, the quality of the fruit is assessed at the first auction, this will have a beneficial effect on future transactions,” Shin Asai analyzes. Honomaru mikans are generally traded at a price of around 7,800 yen, or just over 63 euros, for 10 kg.



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