World A man saves a fallen child

A man saves a fallen child


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648x415 rails train

Train tracks – Pixabay

A man showed heroism and composure as he picked up a child who was on rails at a train station in India on Monday as a train came at full speed, reports the Huffington Post.

The one who works as a switchman in this Vangani station, a few kilometers from Bombay, managed to get the child back on the platform just before the arrival of the convoy.

A gesture hailed by the Ministry of Railways

The scene was captured by a station surveillance camera. The images show that the child is on the tracks, as a train enters the station. On the platform, the person accompanying the minor signals him to warn him to come back up as quickly as possible, to no avail.

The switchman then throws himself on the rails and retrieves the boy in extremis, just before the convoy arrived, a few seconds later. The author of this rescue was congratulated by the Ministry of Railways on social networks. He was also given a standing ovation by employees of the Bombay Railway Company when he was received at the company’s headquarters.



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