Economy A trendy airbag for cyclists has been developed

A trendy airbag for cyclists has been developed


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A bike. Drawing. – Roland Steinmann – PixaBay

Urban Circus and Helite have teamed up to develop a safety jacket for cyclists equipped with a connected airbag system. The product designed by the designer of clothing designed for cycling enthusiasts and the airbag specialist for two-wheelers and riders is waterproof. It has many reflective areas and is marketed at a price of 700 euros, specifies BFMTV.

The vest has been designed to protect the thorax, spine and lower back, i.e. the most vulnerable areas in the event of an accident. Helite noted that among the people seriously injured in a bicycle accident, 40% were affected in the thorax and 25% in the back. To protect these parts of the body, the company has developed a wireless device capable of sensing that an accident is happening.

Motion detectors

This innovation is based on movement detectors linked together. One of them, optional, must be attached to the bike and the other is integrated into the jacket. If a particularly intense ejection or shock is registered, a process is set in motion almost instantly. The sensors take, in fact, sixty milliseconds to send the data. 80 milliseconds after receiving these, the BC airbags inflate.

The cyclist is therefore already surrounded by protections when he falls to the ground. The system also works without the sensor placed on the bike, but its triggering is then a little slower. The airbag is reusable by installing a new gas cartridge after any inflation, as shown in the product presentation video, which also emphasizes ease of use.

Two million French people travel by bicycle and 184 people died on their bicycles in 2019, compared to 182 last year. Nearly 4,500 accidents involving non-motorized two-wheelers were recorded in 2020.



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