World Alexeï Navalny claims to be "tortured" in sleep deprivation...

Alexeï Navalny claims to be “tortured” in sleep deprivation detention


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648x415 opposant russe alexei navalny tribunal 16 fevrier 2021

Russian opponent Alexey Navalny in court on February 16, 2021. – SPUTNIK / SIPA

Imprisoned since early March in Russia, the opponent Alexeï Navalny accused his jailers of subjecting him to a form of torture by sleep deprivation, he said in a complaint to the Russian security services published on his site, this Thursday.

The guards “deprive me of sleep, it is de facto a recourse to torture by sleep deprivation”, he writes, explaining being woken up “eight times a night” by the men of the Russian prison where he is held. .

Navalny fears for his “life and health”

In another official request sent to the prison administration and the general prosecutor’s office, Alexeï Navalny, who suffered an attempted poisoning last August with a nerve agent, asks for treatment, while his supporters have claimed that his health is deteriorating. degraded. His lawyer, Olga Mikhailova, said Thursday that the opponent was suffering from “severe pain” in his back and right leg, while saying he feared for the “life and health” of his client. “For me, his state of health is of course extremely problematic,” Dojd Olga Mikhailova told the Russian opposition channel, who finally met the opponent on Thursday in his penal colony after failing to see him the day before.

She added that Alexeï Navalny had been taken Wednesday evening to a “public hospital” where he was able to perform an MRI examination, without a diagnosis being transmitted to him. Olga Mikhailova underlined that she had tried in vain “for four weeks” to transmit “normal drugs” to her client and to have him examined by a doctor other than the prison. According to her, he is currently only receiving anti-inflammatory drugs and ointments.

A prison deemed to be hard

Sentenced in February to two and a half years in prison for a fraud case dating back to 2014, which he and NGOs and many Western capitals consider political, the opponent has been imprisoned since early March in a prison camp deemed very harsh in Pokrov, 100 km from the Russian capital.

He was arrested in January upon his return to Moscow after five months of convalescence in Germany, where he was recovering from his poisoning, and tried in the wake. He fell suddenly into a coma last August in Siberia. After his evacuation to Germany, several European laboratories estimated that he had been poisoned using a Soviet-designed nerve agent, Novichok.



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