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Altadia is born, a new business giant after the merger of Esmalglass-Itaca-Fritta and the ceramic division of Ferro


The new group will be formed by Esmalglass, Itaca and Fritta together with Ferro TCB, Quimicer, Endeka Ceramics, Vetriceramici, SPC Color, Gardenia QuÃmica, Zircosil and Oximeter. Altadena “becomes a world leader in its sector with a turnover of approximately 800 million euros”. It will have 32 production plants in 19 countries

The Altadena Group arises after the merger of the Esmalglass-Itaca-Fritta (EIF) group and the Ferro ceramic division (Ferro TCB), thus becoming one of the leading groups in the frits, enamels, colors, and inks sector, being able to respond to all the needs of the ceramic flooring and wall tiles industry worldwide, as reported in new group in a statement. “It was born with a common mission: to transform surfaces to create spaces that give life to people”.

The new management team will be led by the former CEOs of EIF Vicente Bagány Antonio Blasco. The former world vice president of Ferro TCB, Julio GarcÃa, will act as president of the group. “Altadia’s human team, with its extensive experience and high knowledge of the sector, is one of the pillars that will allow it to diligently lead the market worldwide,” said Julio García. In this sense, Altadia’s new organizational structure will have key profiles of both groups, which will provide the necessary experience and knowledge to successfully lead the new group, the statement added.

Altadena will be present in 19 countries with 51 locations distributed in 32 production plants and 19 distribution centers and after-sales services. “Thanks to this merger, we improved the footprint of the entire group with a total of 32 production plants from which to serve all our customers more effectively“, said Vicente Bagán, co-CEO of Altadena.

In total, the new Altadena group will have a workforce of approximately 3,600 workers worldwide. The new group will be formed by Esmalglass, Itaca, and Fritta together with Ferro TCB, Quimicer, Endeka Ceramics, Vetriceramici, SPC Color, Gardenia QuÃmica, Zircosil, and Oximeter. The EIF group closed 2020 with a turnover of 417 million euros and FerroTCB with 386 million euros ($ 441 million).

From day one, Altadena “is committed to continuing to offer its customers the best products and services”. According to Antonio Blasco, Altadia co-CEO, “the valuable contribution of this operation lies in the complementarity of the human teams, products, services, and brands, presenting us as a more complete option for our customers “.

In his opinion, “we consider that this union reinforces the different characteristics of each brand. This, together with the high knowledge and strength of our technical assistance teams, as well as the joint work of our departments, it will allow us to offer better products and services to our customers. ”


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