EconomyAn experiment launched to monitor a nuclear site

An experiment launched to monitor a nuclear site


648x415 centre retraitement dechets nucleaires areva hague

The nuclear waste reprocessing center at La Hague. – THROUGH ERIC / LE FLOCH / SIPA

The company Azur Drones will conduct an experiment to monitor the nuclear site of Orano La Hague (Manche). To do this, the French manufacturer of autonomous drones will use its Skeyetech models, reports BFM TV, this Thursday.

The Normandy site is a sensitive place where used nuclear fuel is recycled. There, “more than 500 people” are “dedicated to safety and security”, explained to our colleagues Emmanuel Vial, responsible for the site and material protection service at Orano la Hague.

Monitor hard-to-reach areas

For this experiment, the autonomous drone will carry out daily surveillance missions on the nuclear site of more than 300 hectares. Optical and thermal sensors will allow the device to transmit information to security teams. These autonomous drones will thus allow better surveillance of hard-to-reach areas and could increase the responsiveness of teams in the event of an incident.

Azur Drones devices are already in use in ports and oil and gas infrastructure, says BFM TV.



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