World An open investigation against Pornhub

An open investigation against Pornhub


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648x415 le site pornhub sur un smartphone illustration

The Pornhub site on a smartphone (illustration). – SOPA Images/SIPA

While he is already at the heart of a scandal since the publication in December of an article in the New York Times claiming that it offered illegal content, the Pornhub site is now also in the eye of justice in Canada. The Privacy Commissioner announced Monday that he was investigating videos that were allegedly released without the consent of those filmed.

Daniel Therrien, who reports to Parliament, revealed this information to parliamentarians of the Standing Committee on Privacy and Ethics. These parliamentarians must also present a report on the protection of privacy and reputation on platforms like Pornhub, including MindGeek, the parent company is based in Montreal. The committee heard testimony from several women who said Pornhub ignored their requests to have the videos removed from the platform.

NGO pressure

The porn site claims 130 million visitors every day. After the accusations of New York Times, Pornhub had announced a series of measures to combat illegal content. Questioned on this subject, the Canadian government announced at the end of 2020 that it would table a bill in early 2021 to force online platforms to remove all illegal content. In March, 104 victims and 525 NGOs from 65 countries wrote a letter to Canadian parliamentarians calling on Ottawa to launch a criminal investigation into MindGeek.



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