World Another mysterious monolith appears

Another mysterious monolith appears


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648x415 monolithe aussi decouvert roumanie fin novembre 2020

A monolith was also discovered in Romania at the end of November 2020. – Robert Iosub / AP / SIPA

The mystery continues. A “metal monolith” has appeared in the north of the Netherlands, authorities confirmed on Monday, after the discovery of similar objects in the United States, Romania and the United Kingdom. Hikers found the object the day before on private land near the Kiekenberg nature reserve in the province of Friesland,

“We know that it was probably installed this weekend because hikers who walked there found it (…). But we don’t know how he got there, ”said Imke Boerma, spokesperson for Staatsbosbeheer, the Dutch organization of forest rangers. The latter went to inspect the monolith on Monday morning and were still looking for clues as to its provenance.

Also in the United States, Romania and England

A similar-looking structure was discovered in mid-November in the Utah desert (United States), before disappearing a few days later. Two more appeared a few days later in Romania and California. A fourth was discovered on Sunday on a beach on the Isle of Wight, in the south of England.

According to photos released by the Dutch media, the silver-colored monolith sits at the foot of a pond covered with a layer of frost. The object is not as sparkling as the monoliths that have appeared in other countries, but it is of comparable size and shape, estimates regional television Omrop Fryslan.

A collective of artists?

According to this local channel, the monolith could be the result of an advertising campaign carried out by an “New Year’s Eve association”, a tradition whose objective is to draw the attention of the Dutch public to a village or an association. There are no such associations in the region, however, according to Thijs de Jong, one of the hikers who made the discovery. “Personally, I think more of a kind of artist collective,” he added.

The discoveries of these objects have gone viral on social media, due to similarities to the alien monoliths in Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi film, 2001, a space odyssey. A collective called The Most Famous Artist and based in New Mexico claimed the authorship of the Utah monolith, but not those of the objects found elsewhere.



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