EconomyAre the prices higher in France than elsewhere in...

Are the prices higher in France than elsewhere in Europe?


An electricity pylon in the UK. – Paul Marriott/Shutterstock

There was already containment, which is driving up electricity consumption at home. Here is now the cold snap, which causes a surge of the radiators. And all this without counting the regulated tariffs of EDF, which increased by 1.6% at the beginning of February. To sum up: bad times for the electricity bill. But is it that heavy in France compared to our European neighbors?

This “energy” comparison, our partner, Statista, made it in computer graphics, according to Eurostat data. Result: the French can (try to) console themselves by learning that their electricity is on average cheaper than in other EU countries (almost 19 cents per kilowatt hour against 21 cents). The Germans have the most expensive electricity, at over 30 cents per kilowatt hour, followed by the Belgians and the Spaniards. And to save money, the best thing is to settle in Bulgaria.




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