Economy Ascer launches a 'referendum' on the tile: Cevisama 2021...

Ascer launches a ‘referendum’ on the tile: Cevisama 2021 ‘yes or no’


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The employers ask the companies if they will participate or not in the Spanish ceramic fair, which has been postponed from February to May. In January the first payment must be made to reserve space

The Spanish Association of Ceramic Tile and Floor Manufacturers (Ascer) is conducting a survey among all its associates to see if companies consider that the circumstances exist or not to be able to participate in the next edition of the international fair Spanish ceramics Cevisama, whose celebration of the next fiscal year 2021 has been postponed from February to May due to the health pandemic.

Although Ascer is not the one who decides whether or not to hold the event, the ceramic companies are the main exhibitors and, therefore, clients of the same. Hence the success of participation or not of the tiles is crucial for the development of the contest.

The employer’s association has started this week to carry out the survey among its associates and, among the questions included, one stands out:  «Do you think that the circumstances exist to celebrate Cevisama next May? », with three answer options:  «Yes; No; He doesn’t know.

The survey is carried out when there are just a few weeks before the first payment for space reservation, in the case of wanting to participate in the next edition of Cevisama 2021, which It will be held from May 24 to 28.

The main fear of companies is that the sanitary conditions of the coming months will continue to be marked by the uncertainty generated by the pandemic and the arrival of potential customers does not occur.  «At the moment the commercials continue without traveling, and a fair like Cevisama requires large investments and work that has to be done months in advance, so the unknown remains total», states a businessman consulted by this newspaper.

 «We are the first to want to return to normality, travel and receive clients, have contact with them and show them all the news we are working on because, despite all the advances what we are doing in terms of marketing digital, we understand and are aware that a product like ceramic must be touched », assert the employers consulted.

Furthermore, the same sources point out that  «we cannot plan a investment so high to something that we do not know if it will be possible because we do not know what the customer’s response will be.

On the other hand, companies, especially the medium and small ones, They fear that if they do not reserve their participation and pay next January they will lose the space they have been occupying in recent years. Â «It is something that worries us because the large will always have the spaces, since they have more weight when negotiating, so we believe that from the fair it would have to be taken into account that if someone cannot participate In the next edition, due to the pandemic, we will have to continue reserving space for future editions, ”underlines a businessman.

Undoubtedly, this year 2020 marked by the Covid-19 pandemic has also caused it to be a atypical year for commercial and promotional activity, with restrictions on mobility and cancellations of all ceramic fairs in the world.

The first news came with the cancellation of Cersaie 2020, then the postponement of Cevisama 2021 from February to May was known; and from Coverings to July.  «The development of the events will tell us if we can recover the commercial and promotional activity, for the moment companies have had to adapt», indicate from Ascer.


The coronavirus health pandemic has modified the 2020 fair calendar and nobody knows how it may or may not continue to affect the planning that exists for the next fiscal year 2021. In addition, the postponement of Cevisama from February to May, another of the fairs that has changed date is the American Coverings, the reference event for the Tile of Spain in the United States.

The event, which should be held in Orlando (Florida) next year, was scheduled to take place between April 13 and 16, but the unfavorable evolution of the pandemic led the organization to postpone its implementation to July, in concrete between July 7 and 9, 2021. The commercial meeting will take place at the Orange County Convention Center.

Months before the cancellation of Cersaie 2020, which will reopen in 2021, specifically from September 27 to October 1, 2021. It was a historical decision that is due to the impossibility of ensuring the proper development of the event due to the coronavirus. It must be remembered that the fair had already been postponed from September to November with the intention of trying to save its development. Something that was not possible. Only the evolution of the pandemic and the vaccination schedule will clear up the unknowns that remain open.


  • Dates. The Cevisama organization announced last September that it was postponing the celebration of the fair in 2021 from February to May 2021 to guarantee the business of exhibitors and the assistance of buyers and specifiers. The objective of this postponement is to hold the event in a more stable environment that guarantees the exhibitors’ business and favors the attendance of buyers and specifiers, the organization indicated.
  • Protocol. Cevisama 2021 is planned as the first major European event and, for this, Feria Valencia has been a pioneer in the implementation of a Security Protocol that has turned the venue into a safe environment and is already being implemented in the events that have place on your premises. As Carmen à ?? lvarez, director of Cevisama, indicated then,  «we are working to guarantee the health, above all, and the business of our clients, to whom we owe ourselves and to whom we thank every year for their trust in our fair ; We are sure that Cevisama 2021 will be the great sectoral reunion and the best option to return to the market with strength.
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