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Beertastic, the site that connects craft brewers and beer lovers


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With the explosion of micro-breweries in recent years in France, it is increasingly difficult to navigate given the plethora of supply awaiting beer lovers. So to connect independent brewers and consumers, four Northerners decided to create Beertastic last May, a marketplace dedicated exclusively to craft brewers who can sell their products directly on the site.

“We are not an online wine merchant, that is to say we do not buy stocks from brewers to resell them ourselves and pocket the margin. These are the brewers who sell directly on our site. And it is really the brewer who ships the merchandise that the customer has ordered directly to the customer, ”explains Grégory Legarand, Technical Director of Beertastic.

Shipping costs that can be problematic

The service is chargeable for the breweries which set the price of their beers themselves. For its part, Beertastic takes a 20% commission on each sale made through the site. The price of comfort, which also makes it possible to reach consumers from all over the country.

“The added value is that online sales are simplified for the brewer. When we did our market research, the main points of resistance were issues related to the calculation of shipping costs. The amount of shipping costs makes beer uncompetitive in terms of online sales. As a result, we take part of the shipping costs at our expense to decide the users to have them delivered directly to them, ”continues Grégory Legarand.

29 breweries have already signed up to the concept

And to facilitate deliveries, Beertastic can provide brewers with cardboard boxes suitable for their beers. In two months, 29 craft breweries have already signed up to this new service. While the majority come from Hauts-de-France, there are also some from Brittany, Grand-Est, Gers and Gironde.

A promising start for a site that hopes to find a place in the world of micro-breweries.



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