World Beijing denounces "intimidation and hypocrisy" of Europeans after summoning...

Beijing denounces “intimidation and hypocrisy” of Europeans after summoning ambassadors


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Illustration of a Chinese flag. – Anthony Behar / Sipa USA / SIPA

The tone is still rising. China denounced Wednesday the “intimidation and hypocrisy” of Europeans, after the summons of its ambassadors in several countries following the sanctions taken by Beijing against parliamentarians and organizations.

“China does not accept this unreasonable way of certain European countries to summon its ambassadors,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters. During their summons, the Chinese ambassadors “clearly stated the position” of their country and “solemnly protested to the Europeans”.

Chinese regime responds to EU sanctions imposition

After the Netherlands the day before, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania lectured on Tuesday the representatives of Beijing. Belgium and Italy were to do the same following the sanctions taken by Beijing against ten MEPs.

The Chinese regime has thus responded to the imposition of sanctions by the EU for the repression of the Muslim Uyghur minority in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region. By a game of mirrors, she also summoned several European ambassadors stationed in Beijing.

“The Europeans allow themselves to defame and attack others and arbitrarily impose sanctions based on false information and lies, but they refuse to let China respond and retaliate,” Hua Chunying denounced.

The most spectacular outbreak of fever occurred in Paris where the Foreign Ministry sharply lectured Ambassador Lu Shaye on Tuesday, accusing him of “insults, invective and threats” against a researcher and French parliamentarians.



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