Economy Beware of scams related to the Personal Training Account

Beware of scams related to the Personal Training Account


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Ministry of Labour

Do you receive direct sales calls supposedly from the Personal Training Account (CPF) office? Or professional organizations providing training and alerting you to the imminent end of your rights? You are not the only one. Even the UFC-Que Choisir association was approached. After having taken advantage of the boom in energy renovation, scammers seem to have made working people eager to advance in their careers their new privileged victims.

The technique is simple: encourage you to use your rights as quickly as possible through training that is as short as it is expensive, by making you believe that they will otherwise be removed soon. Real training organizations having delegated their canvassing to unscrupulous subcontractors or real crooks, these aggressive methods are in any case outlawed. The Caisse des Dépôts estimates that at least 10,000 CPF accounts have suffered embezzlement for an amount estimated between 10 and 12 million euros. The institution has filed around twenty complaints and invites cheated users to report the fraud on or on 0970 823 551 so that their rights are credited.

A favorable ground

This wave of scams can be explained by a favorable context. The pandemic has in fact prompted a good number of workers to supplement their skills or to reorient themselves, at the same time causing training requests to explode. In addition to this phenomenon, the old individual rights to training (DIF) will soon expire. Initially scheduled for December 31, 2021, the deadline was finally postponed to June 30, 2021. A boon for those who do not hesitate to put pressure on users by telling them that they must liquidate all their rights by following training so as not to lose them, which is completely wrong.

Remember that it is sufficient to enter the amount of your DIF (indicated on your last payslip 2014 or early 2015) online in your CPF account to make the transfer and then be able to use your rights whenever you want and without limit. of time.



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