World Biden's victory celebrated in cities across the United States

Biden’s victory celebrated in cities across the United States


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US Presidential: As Pro-Biden celebrate victory, Trump supporters are still protesting – 20 Minutes

Thousands of Americans began celebrating Joe Biden’s victory on Saturday, expressing their joy with shouting and honking gigs minutes after the Democratic presidential candidate was announced.

In Washington, under an almost summer sun, the crowd flocked to the White House and the Black Lives Matter Plaza, part of the artery leading to the presidential residence thus renamed last spring to denounce the police violence against African-Americans. The federal capital is a Democratic stronghold. The panels Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the future vice-president, bloomed again in the streets, proudly worn by their Democratic supporters, all wearing health masks and numbering in the thousands.

Tears of emotion in New York

In New York, where Donald Trump came from, it was the same scenes: horns and celebrations. Catherine Griffin, 47, even shed a few tears of emotion. “I’m happy that Donald Trump is stepping out of our lives, let’s hope forever – even if I don’t know,” she said, calling for “some normalcy in our lives.”

The streets of Manhattan sounded with screams and horns, locals stepped out onto the streets or onto their balconies, often knocking on pots and pans. Spontaneously, under a radiant sun and almost summer temperatures, thousands of people converged on strategic points, in Columbus Circle, on the edge of Central Park, in Times Square or in front of the Trump Tower, HQ of the Trump Organization on the 5th Avenue where Trump lived until he left for Washington in 2016.

In the Democrat’s stronghold, Wilmington, a quiet town in Delaware, celebrations also began on Saturday, as in Philadelphia and Atlanta.



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