World Champagne out of stock in Washington after Joe Biden's...

Champagne out of stock in Washington after Joe Biden’s election


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Joe Biden in Wilmington on Saturday night. – ANGELA WEISS / AFP

The announcement of Joe Biden’s election as President of the United States on Saturday sparked a rush for champagne bottles in Washington. Some stores were already close to running out of stock in the American capital, a Democratic stronghold.

Calvert and Woodley, famous for its wine shelves around the world on Connecticut Avenue, sold 70 to 75% more bottles than a usual Saturday, according to a store official. “We have sold hundreds of bottles. People want to celebrate, ”one salesperson explained.

The shelves have been emptied

Dressed in a Biden / Harris T-shirt and a Biden / Harris sign in her hand, a shopper was among the many other patrons rushing for the bubble drink. “I’m buying champagne to celebrate. I am so happy, it is an extraordinary day for democracy ”, she declared.

At Magruder’s, a wine merchant in the residential district of Chevy Chase since 1845, the shelves were emptied at full speed and vendors had to fetch cases of champagne in reserve. “People buy 2 or 3 bottles at the same time, it’s very unusual,” explained a cashier. A bottle of champagne is sold for around 40 dollars (33 euros) for the first prices. After four days of tense suspense, the former Democratic Vice President was elected to the presidency against outgoing Donald Trump, which did not fail to lead to demonstrations of joy across the country.



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