World China to make "no concessions" on controversial electoral reform

China to make “no concessions” on controversial electoral reform


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The Chinese regime has justified imposing electoral reform in Hong Kong, presenting it as a second punch after the National Security Act that ended protests in the former British colony last year. – Kin Cheung / AP / SIPA

Since last week, the Chinese parliament has been meeting to put in place electoral reform in Hong Kong which would hamper the political freedom of the former British colony. Beijing wants an electoral committee subservient to the communist regime to examine and select future candidates for the Hong Kong legislative elections.

China will make “no concessions” on its electoral reform project, a senior Communist regime official told reporters after criticism from Western capitals accusing Beijing of permanently strangling democracy in Hong Kong.

The “chaos” to justify this law

This electoral committee mechanism would allow China to rule out candidates favorable to the pro-democracy opposition, which largely won a poll at the level of district councilors at the end of 2019.

At a press conference, Zhang Xiaoming, a senior official in the Chinese government’s Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Bureau, justified this law by the “chaos” that he said gripped the financial metropolis during the huge protests against the pro-Beijing executive in 2019.

Deaf in the face of criticism

The bill, and the passage last year of a national security law that stifled dissent, is “a series of punches. […] intended to effectively stem the chaos “in Hong Kong, said Zhang Xiaoming.

Rejecting the criticisms formulated by London, Brussels and Washington, he assured that Beijing would make no concessions in the face of foreign forces seeking to destabilize Hong Kong. “It is a fight against the attempts to seize power, to subversion and to infiltrate. On these issues, we will not let go, ”he insisted.



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