Economy Choosing an architect is also possible online

Choosing an architect is also possible online


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Several websites now make it easier to get in touch with an architect. – IStock / City Presse

Most professionals can now be selected with a few clicks on the Web. Seeing there an opportunity to democratize their profession, the architects rushed into the breach.

A need for all

Too often perceived as reserved for an elite, the services of an architect actually concern all owners. Do you want to build your house? The law requires you to call on this professional when the floor area of ​​the new construction exceeds 150 m2. The rule is also the same for any renovation, extension or elevation project that would lead to a floor area or a footprint of more than 150 m2.

More than a regulatory constraint, the use of an architect is anyway recommended for any major project. It is in fact the guarantee to carry out tailor-made work, adapted to your desires and your budget, but also to the constraints of your home and its environment. Not to mention that this pro is responsible for managing administrative procedures, leading the site and putting artisans in competition to reconcile quality and savings.

Democratization by the click

However, many individuals are still reluctant to cross the doorstep of a study. And when they have no choice, they hardly know who to turn to. This is why in recent years, several online intermediation platforms dedicated to architecture have been created.

The principle ? You offer professionals to carry out your work. Like,, Bam. archi or even and, more than ten sites aim to democratize the profession at attractive prices.

In practice, these portals guide you in the description of your project by asking you its precise characteristics, your tastes, desires and, why not, photos and videos in addition. Once everything has been validated, the time comes for professional proposals and then for the comparison of offers and quotes, before the final selection.

To each his own formula

If the overall operation remains the same, each platform has its specificities. On, the service is, for example, completely free for the project leader (in other words the private individual wishing to carry out work), who selects three agencies from a list of nearby professionals, in order to meet them and obtain their quotes. . The site is remunerated exclusively from the architects.

Conversely, charges 50 euros for the home visit. In either case, the pros are free to set their prices anyway, while the latter are strictly supervised on Most sites also offer support throughout the process.

The Order as a reference

While the uberization phenomenon has spread to many sectors of activity, the development of these platforms raises questions. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is a matter of verifying that the professionals proposed do indeed hold the title of architect, which implies being registered with the National Order. To be sure, check the table updated daily on the official website.

Faced with this plethora of supply, the Order has also launched its own research platform: It allows you to find professionals near your home and to consult their profile and their previous achievements. However, it is up to you to contact them to explain your project in detail.



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