World Colleagues and friends for several years, they discover that...

Colleagues and friends for several years, they discover that they are sisters


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648x415 deux femmes immediatement bien entendues

The two women hit it off right away. – Pixabay / yarmoluk

From their meeting, at their workplace in 2013, their understanding was immediate and natural. Eight years later, Julia Tinetti and Cassandra Madison, two Americans aged 31 and 32, learned that they were sisters!

Employees in a Connecticut bar, their colleagues often told them they looked alike, they told the American TV show. Good Morning America. Both adopted, they then decide to compare the adoption papers: “The documents indicated that we came from two different cities with different surnames. And the names of our mothers on our papers were different ”.

A DNA test removes all doubt

In 2015, Cassandra moved to Virginia. The two friends nevertheless remain in contact on Facebook. In 2018, Cassandra received as a gift from her adoptive mother a DNA test thanks to which she managed to locate her father in the Dominican Republic. Her mother died three years earlier. The man admits that he and his wife abandoned another child after “a difficult time”.

For Cassandra, there is no doubt: Julia is the other abandoned baby. The latter then also does a DNA test. The results are clear: the two friends are in fact sisters. “It’s the kind of thing you see on TV,” jokes Julia. She now hopes to meet the rest of her family, starting with her other siblings, in the Dominican Republic.



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