World Computer bug keeps hundreds of inmates in prison

Computer bug keeps hundreds of inmates in prison


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A prison (illustration) – KONRAD K./SIPA

Hundreds of Arizona inmates eligible for early release cannot get out of jail, due to computer bug reports 01net. It’s American public radio KJZZ who exposed this case, informed directly to the state corrections department. He admitted that a computer problem affected the software ACIS, for Arizona Correctional Information System, which allows the management of detainees in this state.

There is a flaw in the software. It does not consider inmate early release credits. However, prisoners of minor offenses in Arizona can leave their cells well before the end of their sentence. It suffices for this to accumulate credits obtained for good behavior or to participate regularly in the life of the penitentiary center.

Only 733 eligible prisoners identified by the prison services

The problem has been known since 2019. The Department of Corrections said that 733 inmates potentially eligible for the early release program have been identified. But according to radio informants, many other detainees find themselves penalized.

Several Arizona Correctional Services employees had requested that they no longer use this computer software, derived from software developed by Business & Decision North America known as the “Mi-Case Offender Management System” and which is used in various cases. ‘other American states emphasizes 01net. Its cost is estimated at $ 24 million in deployment and update costs.



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