World Confident in his victory, Joe Biden calls on Americans...

Confident in his victory, Joe Biden calls on Americans to “come together”


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Speech by Joe Biden in Delaware on November 6, 2020. – Carolyn Kaster / AP / SIPA

Election Day D + 3. Three days after the vote for the US presidential election, the official results are still pending. If Joe Biden appears poised to win the White House race, no major American media has yet named the winner.

After a day of suspense in his stronghold of Wilmington, Delaware, the former vice-president of Barack Obama finally made only a very brief speech, this Friday evening, for lack of result.

“We are going to win this election”

“My dear Americans, we still do not have a final declaration of a victory, but the figures offer a clear and convincing picture: we are going to win this election,” he said, his running mate Kamala Harris by his side.

The Democrat underlined the progress of the count in his favor over the past 24 hours, recalling that he had since passed Donald Trump in the count still underway in the key states of Pennsylvania and Georgia.

“We are on track to win 300 voters,” said the candidate. That is well beyond the “magic number” of 270 large voters – the majority of the electoral college – opening the doors of the White House.

Adopting a presidential tone, interrupted at the end of the evening by some babbling, he again called on the Americans to be patient, after a very aggressive campaign. “It’s time to come together,” he said. “We have to overcome the anger”.

New Trump attack on Twitter

Donald Trump has not spoken publicly all day. But he said in a tweet that Joe Biden should not claim the victory in an “illegitimate” way. “I could claim it too. Legal proceedings are only just beginning! “

Joe Biden, 77, is now in the lead in Pennsylvania, a key state that with its 20 voters could allow him to cross the finish line victorious.
He has nearly 29,000 votes in advance, but no American channel has taken the step to declare him the winner. If he wins in this industrial state, he will become the 46th American president, regardless of the outcome of the vote elsewhere.

In a statement published in the middle of the day, Donald Trump adopted a tone less vehement than the day before, when he had mentioned a “stolen” election, while remaining evasive about his intentions.

Recount in Georgia

In the early morning, the count in Georgia, which no Democrat has won since 1992, had shifted in favor of Joe Biden. But the margin is so “tight” that there will be a new vote count.

The counter to arrive at the 270 grand voters therefore remained blocked: 253 or 264 votes for Joe Biden, depending on whether or not the media attributed Arizona to him, and 214 for Donald Trump.

In Arizona, Donald Trump has benefited from the extended count.
He had moved closer to Joe Biden on Friday night, threatening to cause the Democrat to lose the 11 major voters that the AP agency and Fox News had attributed to him on election night, on the basis of partial results and statistical models, a method usually safe.



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