Economy Construction, renovation, expansion… What are the advantages of 3D...

Construction, renovation, expansion… What are the advantages of 3D in preparing for work?


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Renovating your house, or even just one room, is sometimes a real job. Choosing the right materials, furniture, colors, layout and coverings requires imagination and projection. And sometimes the result is not up to par.

But in recent years, 3D has made it possible to prepare your project before starting work. This technology, usually used by architects, makes it possible to visualize the rendering and avoid disappointments.

3D for a realistic vision

While it obviously does not replace the eye of an architect, 3D makes it possible to obtain a photorealistic rendering or a virtual tour of his project. It gives the possibility to model the spaces, then to define the materials, the colors, the light… This gives a realistic and immersive vision, in order to project oneself more easily than with simple sketches.

In renovation, 3D makes it possible to make things more concrete and to explore all the possibilities. It is indeed easier to virtually remove a partition, to arrange your kitchen in an L or U, to have a bathtub in one way or another or to give an account of the rendering of a raised tiling.

Plans, kitchen, living room …

What can be done with 3D software? Almost everything. Whether they are amateurs or more pro, these programs allow to simulate construction, furnishing and decoration ideas, but also the arrangement of rooms or to make their habitat less energy consuming by imagining energy saving solutions. . The work is done according to the size of the house or the rooms you want to renovate, but also according to the location of the openings (windows, doors, storage …) and the accessibility you need (child, reduced mobility, Old person).

This first step will allow you to have your project and your plans validated by professionals if it is a large site. Because in terms of construction and renovation, there are many regulatory constraints that must be taken into account. For the rest, 3D software makes it possible to arrange furniture, colors and materials.

The virtual reality boom

Along with 3D, some home professionals are now using virtual reality – or augmented reality – to immerse you in your project. As in a video game, this technology reproduces the reality of space by giving you the possibility of virtually investing it.

The main 3D software

Many 3D software are competing for the renovation market. Perhaps the most accessible to the general public is Sketchup, of which there is a free basic version. 3D Architect (99.99 euros for the Essentials version) also has good features, just like Sweet Home 3D (14.99 euros) if you want simple work. The most seasoned will be able to experiment with 3D Architecte Pro CAD software (49.99 euros), more complete.



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