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Coverings will be the first ceramic fair of the ‘Covid’ but with less space and duration


Ceramic companies have until March 15 to formalize the reservation for the North American fair, which will only have one pavilion and will last from 4 to 3 days

The tile hot engines for which it is planned as the first international fair of the ceramic industry after the celebration of Cevisama 2020 a year ago. Icex Espaà ± a Exportación e Inversiones has Open the period for companies to register to participate in Coverings 2021, the American fair to be held in Orlando but with less space and a shorter duration compared to the last edition of 2019.

The Spanish ceramic companies have a deadline until next March 15 to formalize the reservation for the North American fair, which will be held July 7-9, 2021 in Orlando.

Espaà ± an Exportación e Inversiones, together with the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Miami, organizes the Spanish participation with an official pavilion at the Coverings fair, which in this edition will take place at the City of Orlando Orange County Convention Center Fairgrounds from July 7 to 9, 2021, so the event is reduced to three days compared to the usual four days of the fair. In addition, the exhibition area of ​​Coverings 2021 and, therefore, that of the Spanish pavilion, will be significantly less than that of 2019, since it will only be exhibited in the North Exhibit Hall, indicates the Icex.

Coverings 2021 will be held in Orlando after this event, which was scheduled to be held in New Orleans, was canceled in 2020 due to the situation generated by Covid-19. Also due to this situation, the fair organization decided to postpone the fair, initially scheduled for April, to July.

Therefore, everything indicates that Coverings 2021 will become the first international ceramic fair to be held after Feria Valencia will announce the cancellation at the end of January Cevisama 2021 final due to the pandemic. In this sense, it should be remembered that the Spanish event was scheduled to be held in 2021 from May 24 to 28 after having postponed its traditional February dates due to Covid.

In the absence of knowing what the response of companies will be and, above all, the response of professionals and clients to an international fair event, statistics show that The United States is a crucial market for Tile of Spain. In fact, the US is the first foreign market for Spanish tile with exports that have exceeded 320 million euros from January to November 2020, which represents a 17.5% growth with respect to the same period of the previous year.

The ceramic tile market in the United States is clearly an importer and its consumption is covered by imports in approximately 70%. This high percentage has remained more or less stable during the last 10 years, details the Icex.

Ceramics imports from Spain continue to grow despite the fact that global ceramic imports by this country have decreased by 7.68% in the first eleven months of 2020 compared to the same period of 2019.

In 2019, the USA imported ceramic products from Spain by value 322 million dollars, 12.4% more than in 2018. Between the months of January and November 2020, imports of Spanish tile have reached 334 million dollars, what it throws a growth of 13.82% in interannual rate.

Thus, Spain is consolidated with a 22.8% share as the second exporter of ceramic tiles to the United States, only behind Italy, which has 32%, according to Icex data. However, the gap has narrowed in recent years. In the following positions are Mexico (13%), Turkey (9%), Brazil (7%) and India (6%). These six countries account for 90% of US imports of ceramic tiles.

Finally, it is important to note that the collapse of imports from China from 18.14% of the 2019 quota to 0.3% in the first eleven months of 2020. The reason has been the application of sanctions by by the US authorities against the importation of ceramic tiles from China, a fact that occurred at the end of 2019.

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