World Crocodile escape mobilizes local police

Crocodile escape mobilizes local police


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648x415 illustration crocodile

Illustration of a crocodile. – skeeze / Pixabay

South African police are looking for a dangerous gang of young crocodiles that escaped from a farm in the south of the country on Thursday, according to local authorities. The exact number of these Nile crocodiles having left through a hole in the fence of the farm, located more than 150 km east of Cape Town, remains to be determined.

Police have set up a “dedicated team” to track down reptiles measuring between 1.2 and 1.5 meters in length, said CapeNature, the province’s environmental service. The breeder realized this Wednesday morning “that there was a hole in the fence and that a number for the moment not determined of crocodiles had escaped”, explained the spokesperson of the ministry of the environment of the province.

About thirty crocs spotted

Police, environmental associations, landowners and farmers “are conducting research” concentrated around the nearby Breede River, he said. They have already recovered 27 young crocs.

Their capture is done through “human traps”. They are “cages in which are placed bait, arranged along the river,” said the CEO of CapeNature in a statement.



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