World Delivery people are 50% more likely to be injured...

Delivery people are 50% more likely to be injured than others while working


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648x415 un livreur quitte les entrepots amazon de dedham dans le massachusetts aux etats unis illustration

A delivery man leaves Amazon warehouses in Dedham, Massachusetts, USA. (drawing) – Steven Senne / AP / SIPA

Amazon delivery people are in danger. The pace imposed by the e-commerce giant on its employees responsible for delivering packages to its customers pushes them to put themselves in danger, according to a recent study by the Strategic Organizing Center relayed by Lemon Juicer.

The report, released in May, shows that delivery drivers working for Amazon in the United States are 50% more at risk of injury than delivery drivers working for competitors like UPS. Thus, the rate of accidents occurring at the place where the working time is 50% higher in the company of Jeff Bezos.

A frantic and dangerous pace

This is due in particular to the Amazon Flex algorithm, which organizes deliveries and gives their roadmap to each delivery person. At the beginning of June, a survey of Vice showed that this algorithm pushed delivery people to take more risks, in particular urging them to cross the street, arms full of parcels, to bring the parcels to customers living on either side of the lane.

“Sometimes, we have to deliver six packages on one side of the street and seven on the other side,” confirms a delivery man interviewed by Vice in the article. But delivery drivers are not the only ones in danger: in warehouses, the risk of an accident is also 50% higher than in competitors of Amazon, like Walmart, indicates the study of the Strategic Organizing Center.

In general, the rise of e-commerce and competition between the giants of the sector have made these jobs risky jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statictics, from the US Department of Employment, the job of delivery driver is today the 7th most dangerous job in the world.



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