World Despite the setbacks, Trump continues his appeals ... The...

Despite the setbacks, Trump continues his appeals … The transfer of power still at a standstill …


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US Presidential: Recount confirms Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia – 20 Minutes

It is not only the confinement in France that does not end. Because the American presidential election is also an extended soap opera. More than two weeks after the poll, Donald Trump has not changed his speech: he does not want to recognize the victory of Republican Joe Biden and multiplies – unsuccessfully – legal remedies.

Latest failure in Georgia, where the recount is favorable to the former VP of Barak Obama. But the (future-ex) tenant of the White House will undoubtedly try to block the officialization of the results, a strategy that he could use on a larger scale. The goal ? Difficult to say, but by doing this, Donald Trump could seek to keep the Republican electorate mobilized for the senatorial elections which will take place (again) in Georgia in early January, crucial for control of the Senate, or to delegitimize Joe Biden to a battle… in 2024?

In the meantime, the transfer of power has stalled. A real problem for the country’s health policy, and for national security issues.



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