Economy Diplomas, permits, moving… More and more administrative procedures can...

Diplomas, permits, moving… More and more administrative procedures can be done online


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Whether you need a diploma certificate, obtain identity documents or even report fraud on your bank card, everything can now be done online. If counters, less and less numerous, still make it possible to carry out procedures in the physical world, the State clearly pushes the citizens to dematerialize their requests for reasons of economy.

Find your diplomas

To support an application for a higher education course, it is generally necessary to produce certificates of diplomas already obtained. What if you misplaced them? The official website is a solution.

This platform, offered by the Ministry of National Education, allows you to obtain a certified digital certificate of patent, BEP, CAP, BTS or even bac. The site also allows third parties to verify the authenticity of a digital title using a control key given by the diploma.

Report your move

A move involves many administrative procedures. From taxes to Social Security to the energy and telephone supplier, you must notify everyone of your change of address as soon as possible. To help you, the official website offers a dedicated online declaration service, in order to simultaneously inform several organizations (Social Security funds, Pôle Emploi, taxes, carte grise, EDF, Engie, Direct Énergie).

You must have a certificate or an invoice containing your identity to make this declaration of change of contact details, in the three months preceding or following your change of domicile.

Get your titles

The National Agency for Secured Titles (ANTS) has dematerialized its procedures for several years. As soon as you want to redo your identity card, your passport or your, the process is carried out above all on its official website, before being finalized at the town hall. The same goes for the change of vehicle registration document or its modification.

Also with this in mind, the exchange of a foreign license for a French version (necessary in the event of a new category of license or after the commission of certain offenses) is also digitized, since the request is made on Permisdeconduire.ants.gouv .Fr. The specialized platform also allows you to consult your balance of remaining points, to guide you in your steps in the event of theft of a license and to refer you to the ANTAI site for the payment of your fines.

Enter the police

Have you noticed that your bank account has been used without your knowledge to make online purchases while your credit card is still in your possession? After having filed an opposition with your bank, you no longer need to go to a police station or the gendarmerie. As part of the “Perceval” system, you can report online fraud directly from the site and download a receipt to provide to your bank branch to obtain reimbursement of the sums stolen.

The official platform of the French administration makes it possible more broadly to make an appointment online with the gendarmerie for various reasons. Select the brigade closest to your home and specify your situation. While reception on site is obviously still possible, the objective is to simplify certain procedures for users and reduce their waiting time.



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