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Do you have a loved one who adheres to conspiracy theories about the coronavirus? tell us


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Illustration of Covid-19. – Pixabay

He or she probably advised you to watch Hold up. A documentary, released last Wednesday, which advances a number of untruths about the Covid-19, on which 20 Minutes returned in this article. But before this documentary stirred the Internet, the media and private conversations, many conspiracy theories were circulating about the pandemic. Already in May, the video Plandemic, who shared conspiracy theories about the epidemic, had been viewed more than 8 million times on social media in a week. While France is a country dense in anti-vaccine people, and that several anti-mask protest movements and against restrictions are being organized in France and in Europe, this documentary and other conspiracy theories on the pandemic could have an impact. resounding echo in the future.

Did some powerful people already foresee the pandemic? Is it just a pretext to better control populations? Are we sure that the Covid-19 kills people, a lot of deaths, more than the flu? This kind of questioning is likely to be invited to the table of the next family dinners or, in the meantime, in the aperitifsSkype. And can turn into a fight.

How did you react when your daughter, mother, brother, friend started to put forward explanations that turned to conspiracy on the pandemic? Does this loved one respect the barrier measures all the same? Do all of your discussions revolve around this topic? Has your relationship been affected? How did you manage to maintain a dialogue? Beyond this private relationship, are you worried about sharing conspiracy theories about the pandemic?



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