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Does your landlord have the right to come to your home?


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The law prohibits the landlord from entering his tenant’s home without the latter’s permission. – IStock / City Presse

To ensure the safety and tranquility of all, the law strictly regulates the rental of real estate. Thus, the lessor must provide the occupant with decent housing respecting various characteristics, but also ensure his peaceful enjoyment. An obligation that should not be taken lightly.

Beware of trespassing

This rule aims in particular to guarantee the tenant that he will not find just anyone in his living room when he comes back from his working day… and even less his landlord. The law is indeed very clear on the subject: any lessor who enters the leased premises without the tenant’s consent commits a violation of domicile. The occupier is then entitled to file a complaint against him, which exposes him, in theory at least, to a penalty of up to one year in prison and a fine of 15,000 euros.

And this ban admits of no exceptions, no matter how urgent the situation is. Whether the owner is informed of water damage or even of a fire in his property, he cannot enter it without the authorization of his legitimate occupant.

The question of duplicate keys

Under these conditions, how does it work with the keys? It is indeed not uncommon for the lessor to want to keep a keychain in his possession, precisely if necessary. Know that on this point, the law says nothing. Therefore, your landlord has every right to keep a set of keys to your apartment … as long as he does not use it to enter it without your consent.

In theory, you can even decide to change the lock or cylinder on the front door if you don’t trust your landlord. However, you are required by law to return everything to its original condition at the end of the rental.

Visiting rights in certain cases

It will be understood that throughout the duration of your lease, the exclusive and peaceful enjoyment of your home protects you from unexpected intrusions. That being said, the law may require you to give access to your lessor in certain specific situations.

After having informed his tenant, the owner can thus reserve the possibility of visiting the premises (except weekends and public holidays) with professionals to carry out urgent repairs or with a view to a site aimed at bringing the criterion up to standard. decency, as well as the maintenance or improvement of housing or the improvement of its energy performance. Note that if this work lasts more than twenty-one days, the lessor is required to compensate his tenant. Likewise, once you have given your landlord your leave or the latter has informed you of the sale of the property, you must allow them to show the home to interested candidates. Visiting slots must, however, be limited to two hours on working days and are excluded on Sundays and public holidays.



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