World Donald Trump divides his camp, "Trumpists" no longer like...

Donald Trump divides his camp, “Trumpists” no longer like Fox News and Americans under pressure


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648x415 donald trump lors conference presse maison blanche 5 novembre 2020

Donald Trump at a White House press conference, November 5, 2020. – Brendan Smialowski / AFP

Ask for the program! With This is America, its daily meeting of international news, 20 Minutes brief you at best to try to understand this micmac that is currently the presidential election. This Friday, while we are still awaiting the results of several States (find our live here), we look at Donald Trump who divides his camp, the end of the love affair between the “Trumpists” and Fox News and Americans under pressure.

Rififi among republicans

Will the Republican Party resist Donald Trump? Since Thursday, more and more voices have been rising within the Grand Old Party (GOP) to denounce Donald Trump’s strategy of denouncing “massive electoral fraud” without having any proof and increasing the number of appeals before the courts. courts to prevent counting of correspondence ballots. The current situation plunges the Republican Party into a deep dilemma: support the president to hope to keep the White House, defend the American electoral process or… shut up and wait for it to pass.

While most of the GOP elected officials chose the third solution, some decided to go on the attack Thursday. Among them and not surprisingly, the senator of Utah Mitt Romney, great opponent of Donald Trump (who also intends to retire in January) who affirmed that “counting all the votes is the very essence of democracy” ( …) And that it was necessary to keep “faith in it, in the Constitution, and in the American people”.

More surprisingly, however, Chris Christie, former governor of New Jersey and great supporter of the American president, also spoke out against the behavior of Donald Trump. He denounced Donald Trump’s remarks live on ABC: “Let him show us the evidence (of fraud). We have heard nothing today regarding evidence. (…) This behavior does nothing other than set fire to without informing, ”criticized the former Republican governor.

Marco Rubio, senator from Florida, fierce opponent of Donald Trump during the Republican primary of 2016, however seemed on the same length as him in recent days … Yet he too has split a (another) tweet this Friday to defend the American electoral system: “Confidence in our election is as important as its result. Preserving it means not letting the media or a candidate decide the outcome ”. The governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, for his part indicated this Friday “that there is no excuse to defend the behavior of Donald Trump”.

Of course, other Republicans, and not least, have supported Donald Trump for the past three days, relaying his accusations of electoral fraud. This is the case of the leader of the GOP in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, who bluntly announced that “Donald Trump has won this election”. Or Ted Cruz, senator from Texas, who also tells whoever wants to hear it that fraud has taken place. Nevertheless, one of Donald Trump’s sons, Eric, was still forced to appeal to Republicans on Twitter: “Where are the Republicans?” Straighten up, fight against this fraud. Our voters will never forget your cowardice! “

There you go, it’s over ii

They didn’t like it. Donald Trump’s supporters have taken very badly the announcement by Fox News, their favorite medium, of Joe Biden’s lead so far in the race for the White House. And in particular the media information concerning Arizona. The desk of the right-wing channel, independent of the editorial part, like the well-respected Associated Press (AP), gave Joe Biden the state to the eleven voters on Wednesday, even if the count is not not finished. At present, the outcome of this Western state is still uncertain, but it seems that at 5 p.m. Joe Biden is slightly ahead.

This is to say if the disappointment of the “Trumpists” towards the president’s favorite channel was strong. After demonstrating Thursday in front of a counting center (we were talking about it here) to cries of “Shame on you! », They then started a campaign of discrediting on the social networks by linking Fox News to the hashtag #FakeNews, and called to stop watching this channel, to which they now prefer (and more than ever)… One America News (OAN) , one of whose correspondents is one of the country’s best-known conspiracy theorists: Jack Posobiec.

But if, remember, the Pizzagate! This fake news which claimed that Hillary Clinton ran a pedophile ring whose HQ was in a pizzeria in Washington DC Well one of the main promoters of this theory was Jack Prosobiec, also well known for his racist views.

Donald Trump himself in the past had criticized Fox News and sung the praises of OAN. Does this presidential election mark the end of a long love affair with the Trump camp? OAN, in any case, never misses an opportunity to agree with the American president. And that is priceless.

My head is bursting, I just wanna sleep

Like a need to release the pressure. Many videos circulating on social networks show an America completely suspended from the still ongoing counting of the correspondence bulletins of certain states. Between unbearable expectation, and dances of joy while learning encouraging news for their candidate, here is an anthology of what Americans have been going through for several days.

Okay ok, this one is a bit different because Rob Flaherty is actually Joe Biden’s digital director …



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