World Donald Trump's chief of staff tested positive for Covid-19

Donald Trump’s chief of staff tested positive for Covid-19


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648x415 directeur cabinet donald trump mark meadows newtown pennsylvanie 31 octobre 2020

Donald Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows in Newtown, PA on October 31, 2020. – Chris Szagola / AP / SIPA

Towards a new cluster at the White House in full electoral count? US President Donald Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, has tested positive for Covid-19, CNN reported on Friday evening, citing two White House officials and thus corroborating information from Bloomberg.

According to CNN, Mark Meadows, 61, told those around him after the presidential election that he contracted the coronavirus, but it is not known when exactly he tested positive.

Present near Donald Trump on Wednesday evening

According to Washington PostMark Meadows was among the crowd in a White House living room as Donald Trump addressed about 150 of his aides and supporters on Wednesday.

Several senior Trump administration officials have contracted Covid-19 in recent weeks, including the head of state himself and his wife Melania.

Spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany along with political advisers Stephen Miller and Hope Hicks are among more than a dozen senior White House officials who have contracted the novel coronavirus since early October.

The United States recorded more than 127,000 positive cases of the coronavirus in 24 hours Friday, a record of contaminations for the third consecutive day, according to a count of the Johns Hopkins University, which refers. The United States recorded a total of more than 236,000 deaths on Friday evening since the start of the pandemic for 9.7 million cases.



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