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A start-up dematerializes the funeral and breaks the prices

A cemetery (illustration) – KONRAD K./SIPA

  • The Toulouse-based start-up Funelior wants to boost digital technology in a sector that has changed little in recent years.
  • She mainly works with granite workers from Sidobre to make tombstones to order online and 20% cheaper than those from classic funeral directors.
  • The health crisis and the confinement have accelerated the development of this company which sees that customers are ready to buy online.

The quality funeral, online and at low prices. This is the credo of the start-up Funelior, created in October 2018 by a Toulousain who offers tombstones online, around 20% cheaper than those from classic funeral directors.

Funeral monuments, funeral plaques, cremation urns, porcelain photo medallions, the Funelior marble works mainly work with local granite producers, including those from Sidobre, in the Tarn.

80% of the activity with the granite workers of Sidobre

“It was while walking with my son in the Sidobre region that I had the idea of ​​this concept which aims to break the codes of the funeral world, a sector in full evolution in the digital age, explains Julien. Lesly, the founder of Funelior, which works 80% of its activity with the manufacturers of the Tarn. I wanted to highlight this Occitan know-how, which can be found even on the sidewalks of the Champs-Elysées. The idea is also to modernize the funeral profession, which is struggling to evolve, with e-commerce ”.

Online, the Internet user can thus choose his tombstone, his granite, the engravings of his funeral monument, in a catalog of nearly 5,000 references. The customer is then accompanied by graphic illustrators and an after-sales service based in France and available 7/7 days. The start-up works with around 300 partners who then take care of installing the tombstone throughout France.

Acceleration with confinement

The Toulouse start-up has taken advantage of the confinement and the limitation of the number of people at burials to highlight its online services. A third of its clients emerged during this period. “It’s a question of a generation used to ordering online who are not afraid to choose a tombstone on the Internet,” says Julien Lesly. This gives customers a cheaper quality stone. Every month, our site receives 15 to 30% more visits ”.

The founder of Funior has already planned to recruit two people at the end of the month to expand his teams.


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