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How are women reshaping social success? Céline Alix in our podcast


Welcome to our podcast “Minute Papillon! “, With our Thursday meeting” La Bulle “. In this episode, we talk about work, professional careers, how women are redefining and “redesigning social success”, by working differently.

Suffering at work, complaints and lawsuits for harassment, burn-out, – we talked about it in our last episode of “La Bulle” – objectives always higher but with always less means, pressure, sometimes suicides. For years the system of work organization has been called into question. In this model that pulls, some women, the most qualified, the most well-off, choose to give up prestigious careers to invent others. Earn less, sometimes half as much, but gain in fulfillment, in time, both for private and family life.

What abandonment for what success?

What is this abandonment of a confirmed career? What change, for what professional success? What have these women found, or rediscovered, in this change of life? Céline Alix conducted the survey of around fifty women in her essay Thank you but no thank you, how women are reshaping social success (Payot Rivages, 18 euros). This former lawyer in large Anglo-Saxon firms left everything ten years ago to found a legal translation structure. Today she works with seven other former lawyers, for large firms and NGOs, at her own pace, and according to her convictions.

In this episode, Céline Alix looks back on what this career change means, its modalities, on the redefinition of social success. She evokes these highly educated women who can earn less to create or join new positions that satisfy them. She asks everyone: “Why do we have to suffer at work? “

“Major change in the world of work”

In this “major change in the world of work”, Céline Alix offers three ways to succeed: a “sisterly approach to professional relations”, “the redefinition of spaces and working times”, and “the choice of the collective”.

To listen to this interview with Céline Alix, it’s as easy as clicking in the audio player above.

20 seconds of context

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