EconomyThree more days of opening, the flower given to...

Three more days of opening, the flower given to florists “will not be enough”


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Discounts for the last days of opening at the florist La Bad Grass, rue Budapest in Nantes. – C. Le Nagard / 20 Minutes

  • An exemption has been granted to florists to allow them to remain open until Sunday evening.
  • On Thursday, customers responded by purchasing flowers and plants.
  • An approach that will not be able to compensate for the shortfall of a new closure.
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Not many people in the streets of Nantes this Friday… And for good reason. Containment, announced Wednesday evening by the President of the Republic, is back. If l es “non-essential” must lower the curtain for a minimum of a month, florists have benefited from an exemption allowing them to remain open until Sunday evening because of All Saints’ Day. A small revenge after the slap of the lily of the valley (they could not open on May 1) but which will not compensate for the losses linked to a new confinement.

Chrysanthemums, dried flowers, small bouquets

“Today is calmer but yesterday we had a very busy day. People came out of sympathy but also to flower the graves, explains Marie, florist at Aquaverde. Boulevard Albert Thomas, the store welcomed customers who came to “have fun”. “Chrysanthemums, dried flowers, small bouquets… We really sold everything,” says the young woman. “

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The same observation is made on rue Budapest at La malherbe. “We were robbed, laughs Angelique. Well, at the same time, we made reductions to destock but it was almost a situation similar to Christmas. The waiver granted by the government to delay the closure of florists is welcome but they are not having too many illusions. “This is already a small sign of recognition for our profession but it will obviously not be enough”, explains Muriel Bouquin, florist at La Chapelle sur Erdre and president of the trade union for the whole Loire-Atlantique .

” It’s the world upside down “

Unlike small local shops, supermarkets have the right to continue their activity. A decision similar to the first confinement which is again struggling to pass for neighborhood florists. “Honestly, I find that scandalous,” says Denis at the Jardin Dobrée, rue Voltaire. It is the little ones who suffer and the big ones who eat. At the same time, a customer comes to pick up her order of chrysanthemums. “The exemption allows people to enjoy it a little longer. That’s good, but hey… We will end up with stocks on our hands, ”he confides, disillusioned.

The florist Christian Charpentier, rue Cassini.
The florist Christian Charpentier, rue Cassini. – C. Le Nagard / 20 Minutes

A feeling shared by a florist in rue Cassini. “It’s no longer possible,” protests Myriam. I hope we can get help from the state because economically it’s very hard, she admits. And then morally, it’s important to be able to brighten up your home with flowers! It is really not encouraging. “

Try to adapt

While the sector had turned out very well at the time of Mother’s Day, an important period for the profession, this new brake is impacting sales for All Saints’ Day but also preparations for the Christmas holidays. “In November, we decorate the windows of other traders normally,” smiles Marie d’Aquaverde sadly. Of course it’s annoying but we have to try to adapt, she adds. We will organize drives. The flowers will be placed in front of the shop and people can pick them up. “

Muriel Bouquin, the florist of Chapelle-sur-Erdre, intends to adopt the same approach. From Tuesday, customers can arrange a meeting to pick up their flower order or have it delivered. “The machine does not stop. I will set up tours, ”she announces. A good way to support these new constraints, but not everyone will be able to do the same.


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