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Delivery time, increase in the price of parts… The epidemic also has consequences for motorcyclists

Delivery time, increase in the price of parts… The epidemic also has consequences for motorcyclists

Delivery time, increase in the price of parts… The epidemic also has consequences for motorcyclists

Quentin lives in Mouans-Sartoux, in the Alpes-Maritimes. After careful consideration, he decides to pass his training and buy a motorcycle. The main reason ? “We had a car for two and it really bothered me to buy a second one just to be more flexible”. He adds: “It’s cheaper, it consumes less and then in the region, it’s ideal over time. “Except that he had to wait a month before driving his racing car. The model he wanted was no longer available at the dealership. “There was no more stock, in any color. Even the one on display had just been sold. »

His case is no exception. “We have a lot of requests and we miss the quantities, says Mélodie, employee for eleven years at Yamaha Jacky Onda in Nice. Before the Covid-19, we had a delay of 8 to 10 days for a delivery. Now we work on a quarterly basis. She explains it by “a butterfly effect”. “There have been factories that have closed. The time to reopen, we have exhausted all the stock. Now, we constantly have a product out of stock. “Before adding:” It is also revealing that the sector is doing well. Last year was one of the best for us in years. »

“We broke all the records”

Same observation at Honda Werther, east of Nice. “We broke all records in 2021. We handed over 2,000 keys in 200 days of opening. We had never made such figures before”, indicates Julien Charron, director of the concession, who has worked there for twenty years. Unlike other brands, Honda suffered less from long replenishments. The Japanese manufacturer has factories dispatched all over the world, notably in Italy and Spain, “where the smallest cylinders are built”.

“Usually, we sell 900 new vehicles a year. In 2021, we were at 1,300. This means that we have gone from 300 to 100 stocks in advance. We have less to sell but we can still work, ”explains the manager. Before completing: “As there has been an increase in registrations, we can conclude that this situation is directly linked to an increase in requests. “He analyzes it by” this desire to free the mind with the confinements. As with cycling, motorcycling is associated with leisure”.

Specific equipment available in more than six months

In addition to the dealers, the motorcycle equipment stores are also overwhelmed. At Speedway, turnover increased significantly. “With a year 2021 which started in May, we had a very good activity because we had an increase of 20% compared to the complete years, compares Julien, employee in the shop rue Barla. We can really say that there is a Covid-19 effect after May 2022. “

As with vehicles, some products are victims of their own success and are in short supply. The seller points out: “For example, if you want this matte black helmet in vogue at the moment, which is made of carbon fiber, you will have to wait until September to have it. “As in all sectors, he remains cautious and monitors announcements related to the health crisis.

Source: 20minutes

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