EconomyWith shared parking, a search for savings

With shared parking, a search for savings


Tired of parking meter bills? Individuals and companies provide you with their parking spaces! – IStock / City Presse

Having a parking space in town today is often a luxury, both for individuals and for companies. And yet, these parking lots remain unoccupied most of the time. Conversely, motorists keep driving miles every day looking for a place to park while shopping or working hours without paying too much for parking.

In the era of collaborative platforms, the « matching » therefore went without saying. This is called shared parking.

A flood of classifieds

Almost anyone can offer to rent their private parking space during the hours or days when they are not using it, in order to make ends meet. And rather than resorting to the piece of paper left with local merchants, the ad is now distributed through websites such as (20% commission on the rental price) or (free). The owner of the parking lot and the candidate user simply have to agree on the duration and the possible rental time slot, at a price necessarily lower than that of the parking meter. In order to avoid any subsequent litigation, it is recommended to establish a contract.

If you live in co-ownership, the internal rules of the residence may prohibit this type of transaction. Likewise, a tenant cannot freely sublet all or part of his accommodation, parking included, without the agreement of his owner. Finally, to be in the nails, you must not forget to declare this rental income as part of your income taxes.

Rent company places

Several start-ups such as, and have launched an assault on this market, with the objective of democratizing shared parking by mass monetizing vacant spaces for professionals. “We work with real estate agencies, hotels, some businesses, hospitals, clinics, senior or student residences, supermarkets, as well as a number of social landlords,” explains William Rosenfeld, CEO and co-founder of Zenpark. With 450,000 claimed users, this site, launched in 2013, offers 1,000 car parks in more than 200 cities in France and Belgium.

In practice, its system uses a small electronic box attached to the entrance to the car park and coupled with a dedicated mobile application. While regular users do not perceive any difference, users of the device can find and reserve their parking space online, before opening the barrier or the door of the shared parking lot, by clicking on the app. All for a price announced by the co-founder as being 50% cheaper than traditional public parking meters.

A legislative boost

The model was previously held back by fire safety standards for residential car parks. Social landlords and other senior or student residences had to obtain a dispensation from the prefecture in order to be able to rent their places to external users, within the limit of ten parking lots occupied simultaneously per hour. A ministerial decree of December 7, 2020 ratified this threshold by excluding monthly rentals from the count.




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