EconomyDisjointed student life, she embarks on sewing

Disjointed student life, she embarks on sewing


Pauline Moisson, Strasbourg student who is doubling her studies by revamping used clothes. – Latelierpauline

One thing led to another, Pauline Moisson is tailor-made in her student life battered by the coronavirus. Few social relationships, outings with friends, classes too often at a distance, a life that has become “heavy”, recognizes the young woman of 19 … This Strasbourg student, a bit hyperactive, can not bring herself to stop there and has embarked on sewing. On the sidelines of her classes, she borrows from the first confinement the family sewing machine and tirelessly, often at night, first makes headbands, scrunchies, then blouses, skirts, T-shirts.

Little by little, she sells her productions, mainly tailor-made, via social networks. “I told myself that I had nothing to lose by selling them” recalls the young woman. And it works. His order book fills up, about fifteen a month with also “heavy parts” such as sets.

Pauline Moisson, Strasbourg student who is doubling her studies by revamping used clothes.
Pauline Moisson, Strasbourg student who is doubling her studies by revamping used clothes. – Latelierpauline

A small success experienced as a life experience, a relief orientation that may surprise for this Strasbourg student who had never touched a sewing machine until then. “But with tutorials on the Internet, books and a little logic, it was doable,” says the young student of “curious nature, who hates being bored and is attracted to manual work. “

A second life

Cheerful, passionate about fashion, she is also very active on social networks and opens an Instagram account dedicated to her productions before the summer of 2020. The second year student of the technical marketing DUT at the University of Strasbourg, always favors his studies. She is moving towards a degree in economics and management, after an internship in Paris in the coming weeks in fashion. With a self-employed status, the young woman who trained in marketing and management, fine-tuned her development strategy by drawing inspiration from her travels, the Yves Saint-Laurent style and its Moroccan motifs.

Pauline Moisson does Upcycling.
Pauline Moisson does Upcycling. – Latelierpauline

“I love discovering new places, new concepts, going forward,” explains the student. But what motivates her is upcycling. Recover and enhance second-hand clothes such as men’s shirts, blazers, old curtains and style them by bringing them up to date. “This makes it possible to have much less polluting consumption and to fight against fast fashion. I like it even more because it fits into a concept of sustainable development and circular economy, ”says Pauline Moisson. But also to hope for a “much more thoughtful and responsible consumption because more and more people are aware of the damage which the textile industry releases today. “

The student, who posted latelierpauline on Instagram is preparing to go further in her approach and will launch her online store on Sunday, April 4. “The concept would be to release capsule collections twice a month with unique upcycled pieces, handmade and eco-made” specifies the young woman with student life, finally, well deconfined …



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