EconomyFor the sake of economy or ecology, have you...

For the sake of economy or ecology, have you adopted anti-waste apps? tell us


Wastewater applications have seen their user numbers skyrocket – PinPep / Rex / Sipa

Restaurants and bars closed, confinements, curfews, more time at home … Since the first confinement, the health crisis has changed our consumption habits. Many have turned into little chefs in the kitchen to kill time while continuing to have fun.

But who says more meals at home means more shopping, and an additional charge on the French wallet. Many of them have therefore turned to “anti-waste” applications. Too Good To Go, Geev, Save Eat, Phoenix… Specialized for the most part in the recovery of unsold items from restaurants or supermarkets, and for others in donations between individuals, they allow their users to save money According to the Parisian , some have seen their number of users jump by 150% in 2020. Not to mention the desire to adhere to reasoned consumption and diet.

And you, are you a fan of these anti-waste apps? If so, why ? To control your budget or for ecological questions? What apps are you using? If you don’t use one, how do you buy waste spray? Did you start during the first lockdown? Did you save money thanks to this? Have you since quit by reverting to your previous habits, and if so, why?



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