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What if you bought your future home from the state?


As a real estate seller apart, the state also regularly cedes possessions. – IStock / City Presse

“Bruniquel. In a medieval village, a stone village house of 100 m2 on the ground located on a plot of 1,050 m2 ”. If this real estate ad seems at first glance classic, it nevertheless stands out. And for good reason, since it is not offered by a real estate agency, but by France Domaine, the body charged by the State with orchestrating its real estate sales.

Non-standard disposals

The French state is indeed a very rich landowner. Its real estate assets are estimated at some 60 billion euros. For several years, the authorities have therefore undertaken to clean up some possessions which the administrations no longer need. Building land, old forest houses, opulent buildings, mansions and even police stations, barracks or even old ammunition depots can be purchased to be transformed, fitted out or rehabilitated by companies or individuals.

To have access to these offers outside the traditional real estate market, you can go to the dedicated portal, which lists all the sales made by France Domaine, the body responsible by the State for ” orchestrate its real estate sales. Each advertisement includes specifications that specify the specific terms of the offer. A multi-criteria search makes it possible to select the type of property sought and its geographical location.

In addition, you can take a look at the site, which references, as its name suggests, sales by auction (auction) of movable and immovable property of the State, whether within a legal framework or not.

An atypical purchase

Did you find your happiness in the real estate catalog of the Ministry of the Economy? How to position yourself remains to be seen. Depending on the lot, the State uses two methods. First, the traditional sale by auction: it is an auction, which we communicate the date, place and price. The second procedure is much less known but deserves the detour: it is a sale by invitation to tender. Although it forces buyers to submit their offer blind (without knowing the sale price), it takes into account their entire file and in particular their financial capacity, instead of being limited to the amount offered, unlike Auction.

These exceptional procedures correspond to exceptional goods. By the multiplicity of real estate categories that it offers (housing, building, office, but also religious edifice, technical building, engineering structure, etc.), the State allows original purchases to be made. Churches, marine lighthouses and water towers have already found takers. It is also possible to acquire property abroad, usually ceded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sale by tender

This little-known procedure takes place in several stages:

  • The blind offer: after having visited the coveted property, the potential buyer must submit to France Domaine their quantified purchase proposal, recorded in writing and in a confidential envelope. Small peculiarity: although there is a floor price, it is not communicated to the public. Buyers therefore make blind bids.
  • The bank guarantee: paid by each candidate, it proves their solvency.
  • The choice of the offer: after the deadline for submitting the offers, the State proceeds to their examination and their analysis, in order to designate the best proposal. In addition to the amount of the offer, France Domaine also takes into account the financing capacity of applicants.



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