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Notaries can also play a role in the sale of a property


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While notaries are required to take part in the final conclusion of a real estate sale, their role is not limited to the drafting of this legal act. Notarial offices can indeed act as negotiators and be in charge of an original transfer method.

A claimed expertise

Presenting themselves as competitors of real estate agencies, public officers can also provide real estate negotiation services. A tool for diversifying the profession, this type of service has been widely used in offices for several years. While some studies have launched their own website to list their real estate offers, others have chosen to join together in a network, like the platform, which offers nearly 80,000 advertisements from 2,000 distributed notary studies. in all of France.

In order to enhance the role of notaries in this area and unite the negotiating offices under a single banner, the Superior Council of Notaries also makes it possible to find more than 120,000 advertisements for sales or rentals on its site.

Varied sales methods

In terms of estimating the price of housing, the expertise of notaries is recognized as the most reliable, since as public officers responsible for registering and formalizing all real estate transactions, they are well placed to know the real value of goods. They also provide access to local market prices on

In addition, notarial offices are the only ones able to use different sales methods. In addition to traditional transfers, the offices manage real estate auctions and implemented the specific “interactive real estate” process in 2009. In this context, the seller gives an exclusive mandate to his notary, who is responsible for disseminating a Very detailed real estate advertisement on, including in particular the town planning documents, the obligatory diagnoses, as well as the dates of the visits. From the start, potential buyers therefore have all the information they need.

An online call for tenders

The originality of the immo-interactive consists in carrying out an online call for tenders. At the end of their visit, those interested must register on the Internet to participate. During this sale, they will be able to follow their competitors’ proposals directly and position themselves.

However, unlike a regular auction, the highest bid does not automatically win. At the end of the allotted time, the owner freely selects the offer that best meets his expectations. Finally, the signing of the compromise and the conclusion of the sale follow the traditional procedure.



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