EconomyAllowances, telephone bills, choice of a car… What sites...

Allowances, telephone bills, choice of a car… What sites to go to for information?


Many institutional websites provide you with reliable information to guide you on your rights and procedures. – IStock / City Presse

If the Web brings together the best and the worst in terms of information, institutional players are in any case increasingly using the Web to guide users.

Learn about your rights

As soon as one thinks of social rights, one turns to the Family Allowance Fund. In order to facilitate the procedures for beneficiaries and new applicants, the official portal allows you to test your eligibility for the activity bonus, RSA, housing assistance or family allowances.

To have a more global view of your situation and not miss out on other possible supports, you can go to the site. It allows you to consult all of your social protection and employment rights, to perform simulations to determine which social benefits you may be eligible for and to carry out a number of procedures online.

Find a qualified professional

The search for a service provider now also often goes through the Web. To help you, most federations and sectors of activity have set up dedicated directories in order to sort through the offers. Not escaping the trend, the legal professions have also done the same.

Do you need to contact a notary, a lawyer or a bailiff? Several solutions are available to you. Each corporation maintains its own directory, which can be consulted on its site. The yellow pages are also still relevant today. Otherwise, you can go to the government site, which has its own directory and lists the 66 chambers of notaries, 164 bars of lawyers and 96 chambers of bailiffs.

Manage your phone bills

SMS or Internet outside the bundle, premium rate numbers, telecom bills are not always easy to decipher. To avoid being cheated, however, it is necessary to verify the amounts withdrawn and not hesitate to dispute them. To inform consumers, Bouygues Télécom, Euro Informations Telecom, Free, Orange and SFR have therefore put a dedicated portal online: It will allow you to understand your statements.

Which car to choose?

While motorists can find out the amount of the conversion bonus to which they are entitled on, the Ministry of Ecological Transition has also launched Based on your registration number and mileage, this platform compares your vehicle’s performance with cleaner models to encourage you to change. All national and local aid is also available online.

What help for professionals in the time of Covid-19?

The state has launched numerous measures to help businesses overcome the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus. Except that with the multiple successive adaptations, it is not always easy to know what aids one can claim. Urssaf allows you to see more clearly on the site. It informs companies, entrepreneurs and self-employed people about the measures to support the economy.



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