EconomyHow does the real estate market court seniors?

How does the real estate market court seniors?


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For a long time now, the expression “third age” no longer really makes sense, because we are living longer and longer and, above all, in better shape. The sixties now open the doors to a slice of life that can stretch over more than thirty years and during which desires and needs constantly evolve.

Therefore, the silver economy’s offer must adapt. At the top of the list, housing is at the heart of the concerns.

A growing clientele

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According to INSEE, those over 60 represent some 15 million people in France today. A figure which should reach 20 million by 2030. However, these citizens have all the cards in hand to influence the real estate market. According to studies, their standard of living is indeed higher than that of the rest of the population, even if this gap has been narrowing for several years. In a survey published in 2018 and covering 2015, INSEE thus assessed the average standard of living of retirees at 2,090 euros per month (3% higher than that of working people).

Joachim Tavares, founder of, a service for apartment hunters for the elderly, sums up the issues: “Seniors represent a great purchasing power: they have significant assets and income. Logically, all the major real estate groups are interested ”. An inventory confirmed by Philippe Buyens, CEO of Capifrance, who specifies that this population is overwhelmingly owners (75%), compared to all French people (60%). Therefore, “young seniors (over 50) prefer rental investments to benefit from additional income in the future or in anticipation of their move to sunny regions at the time of their retirement. “

A set of formulas

The challenge for the real estate sector is to be able to meet the demands of these demanding clients. “Today’s seniors have grown up in a consumer society. They are therefore looking for high-quality services that take into account their well-being, their leisure activities and their desire for social ties, ”explains Joachim Tavares. The market is thus innovating to offer more choices. Do you want to invest in rental accommodation to move in later? The two and three rooms in urban areas are popular, according to experts. And if you opt for a new property that meets PMR standards (person with reduced mobility), you will be prepared in the event of subsequent loss of autonomy. To appeal to a wide audience, developers are also paying more and more attention to the aesthetics of safety equipment, so that they can be integrated discreetly into the decoration.

But the big trend is serviced residences. Domitys, Senioriales, Cogedim, Les Jardins d’Arcadie… Large groups are developing their offers throughout France. This formula allows independent seniors to be independent in their own apartment, while enjoying collective hotel services, or even a swimming pool and a gym for the most modern residences. Count between 1,000 and 2,000 euros per month’s rent, services included. Less expensive, associative initiatives rely on mutual aid between people of good will, through buildings managed as beguinage or through intergenerational shared accommodation.


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