EconomyRemember to check your bank details if you expect...

Remember to check your bank details if you expect a refund this summer


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You have until Friday, July 1 to check that the tax authorities have your bank details. This is what will allow him to reimburse you this summer if the taxman owes you money after the 2021 income tax declaration, reports Capital.


If your bank details are incorrect or out of date, this will delay the refund. The transfer, which will be made on July 21 or August 2, depending on the case, will then be transformed into a check letter sent during the month of August. To check your bank details, go to your private space on

Verification of the sums committed

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Once connected to the platform, click on “withholding tax” then on “update your bank details”. At the slightest difficulty, it is possible to contact a public finance officer on weekdays on 0 809 401 401. Beyond July 1, the information will no longer be modifiable in time.


All French taxpayers filed their tax return in the spring. It is on the basis of this file that the tax administration establishes at this time even if it should do nothing, return the money to you or, on the contrary, claim it from you. In the latter case, the tax authorities will recover the amount due directly from your bank account from the start of the school year.

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Source: 20minutes

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