EconomyE85 bioethanol also undergoes an increase at the pump

E85 bioethanol also undergoes an increase at the pump


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E85 bioethanol, like other fuels, is affected by price increases. On June 28, the price per liter was on average at 0.859 euros, slightly below the price of LPG (0.86 euros per liter) and well below that of diesel and gasoline. Indeed, L’Automobile magazine spotted on Monday the liter of SP 95-E10 at 2.0365 euros and that of diesel at just over 2.13 euros. However, in some stations, the price of bioethanol can exceed 1 euro, reports Capital.


This is the case in an Avia service station in L’Isle-d’Abeau (Isère), where the price per liter reaches 1.249 euros, or in Amilly (Loiret) where it is displayed at 1.219 euros. The situation is surprising. Biofuel cost between 65 and 70 cents per liter in early May. It was even cheaper a month before (below 60 cents), according to auto news. These prices take into account the fuel discount introduced by the government.

+ 188% in six months

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In detail, bioethanol increased by 7% in one week, according to Over six months, the price per liter has undergone an impressive increase of 188% and more than 20% in one year. Conclusion: to fill up with 50 liters, you have to spend an average of 43 euros. But that’s nothing compared to a full tank of diesel (106.50 euros) or SP95 (101.82 euros).


This means that converting your gasoline vehicle to bioethanol using a kit is always an advantageous operation, even if the operation costs between 800 and 1,200 euros. However, not all models are affected and garages lack the slots to meet demand.

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Source: 20minutes

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