EconomyMoving: How to reduce the bill?

Moving: How to reduce the bill?


The French are on the move. After more than a year of health restrictions, families are fleeing en masse homes that are too cramped to favor space and the living environment. Real estate agents are indeed seeing an upturn in activity, as are moving companies. Like the Breton movers, which experienced a 65% increase in online quote requests during the first four months of 2021.

While sunny days are conducive to changes of residence anyway, multiple boxes should be transported over the next few months. However, periods of high demand are also often the most expensive …

Be flexible and proactive

When you have to call on movers, it is better to be flexible on your transport dates, in order to target the low periods. And since the weekends are obviously taken by storm, it is wise to bring in the pros during the week to reduce the bill.

Likewise, opt for à la carte options, which can reduce the cost of the service by 30%, according to Les Déménageurs bretons. In this context, for example, you will save money by making your own boxes and wrapping your furniture with bubble wrap, rather than asking professionals to take care of it. Be careful, however, to tape the drawers and doors well to avoid any incident. Also, if you don’t need a whole truck for all your stuff, consider the co-moving solutions offered by many companies. By sharing the transport space, you can cut costs in half.

Funding aid

You should also know that good anticipation allows payments to be spread out by using financing solutions of the type “3 or 4 times free of charge” offered by companies, such as Les Gentlemen du mouvement.

In addition, you may be eligible for public assistance. The CAF and the MSA notably allocate a relocation bonus to large families when their household expands, while precarious people can apply for the solidarity fund for housing by contacting their CAF or the departments of the department. Finally, the Mobili-pass scheme managed by Action Logement supports employees who move for professional reasons.



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