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The essential steps after a birth


To the joy of being parents now, couples who have just had a child have a certain number of administrative procedures to carry out in the very first days and weeks following this happy event. We help you not to forget anything.

1 / Civil status as a priority

How symbolic a procedure for young parents, the declaration of the birth in the civil status must be carried out within 5 working days after the birth at the hospital or at the town hall. This is also the reason why it is usually the dad who takes care of it. To do this, you must provide the certificate of the doctor or midwife, as well as the identity cards of both parents.

2 / Social organizations

Similarly, the birth of a toddler interests several administrations that must be notified without delay to open all the rights of your little one. So start by declaring this birth to Social Security as soon as you leave the maternity ward via the portal, the official number 3646 or by mail addressed to your primary health insurance fund. In the process, also notify your mutual. Subsequently, you will also have to update your Vitale card to link your child to it.
Do not forget either to report this happy event to CAF (or the MSA for the agricultural regime) through the site or by mail, in order to be able to receive all the birth aid to which you are entitled.

3 / Work and taxes

The law also gives you 60 days after childbirth to report the arrival of your little wolf to the tax authorities and thus adapt your rate of withholding tax, which varies according to the number of dependents. All you need to do is access your personal space on Please note, depending on your marital status, the process must be carried out by one or both parents.
While the mother continues her maternity leave started before childbirth, the legislation grants 3 days of birth (or adoption) leave to the second parent. Make the request to your employer by providing a copy of the birth certificate, knowing that the days must be set for a date close to the event. In the following 4 months, you will also be able to take paternity leave (optional) which has been reduced from 11 to 25 split days for a single birth (compared to 32 days in the case of multiple births) on July 1, 2021.



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