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No, your boxes will not be automatically switched off at night


To the question “Does she [la box Internet] will turn itself off at night, controlled remotely by the operator? Asked on Europe 1, the Minister for the Digital Transition replied: “That is the objective. “A statement that has not escaped internet users who denounce a “control of our lives from a distance”.

Some worry: “I work at night, how am I supposed to telecommute then? Others are concerned about safety and health: “So no more Internet boxes at night, therefore no more telephones either, impossible to call for help. “An Internet user also wonders: “What about people on respiratory assistance at night? Home security alarms? »


To better understand, you had to listen to the rest of the minister’s response. “The objective is to reduce energy consumption without requiring excessive efforts from the French. Today there are boxes, decoders, which automatically go into standby, but all this is not quite uniform, ”explained Minister Jean-Noël Barrot.

And to continue: “The commitments made by the sector, it is either for the existing boxes already installed, to make an update which allows this standby mode a little more systematically. Either for the new boxes that will be distributed, that this standby is installed by default so that it is effectively transparent for the French. »

Clearly: “It is not a question of asking operators to cut off the Internet at night, but of generalizing standby in the settings available on the boxes”, details the cabinet of the minister with 20 minutes. The activation of this option still remains in the hands of the users.

This parameter already exists on some boxes. “This standby could occur, for example, either after a certain period of inactivity, or when the box no longer detects any device connected to WiFi”, he underlines. The device could also be reactivated as soon as it detects a new device is connected.

Source: 20minutes



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