EconomyThe candidates for the operation of the TER Marseille-Nice...

The candidates for the operation of the TER Marseille-Nice line are known


Getting the TER lines open to competition quickly was one of the driving forces behind Renaud Muselier’s campaign, reelected at the head of the Paca region last June. A project initiated in February 2020 by the launch of calls for tenders for the line connecting Marseille to Nice, and the Azur lines, radiating around the capital of the Alpes-Maritimes.

The candidates are known, announced Provence. For the Marseille-Nice line, which represents 7,000 daily travelers, the Italian company Thello and the French SNCF and Transdev have come forward. On the second batch of 12,000 passengers, only SNCF has positioned itself.

Launch end of 2024, beginning of 2025

The allocation of the lots will be made public in the fall for the start of operations at the end of 2024 and early 2025. Last March, Renaud Muselier was satisfied with this opening up to competition, including the call for tenders on the Marseille line. -Nice provides for “an almost doubled rate, ie one train every hour. In addition to building another maintenance center in Nice-Ville, the operator will have to choose new equipment to replace aging trains, ”he told 20 Minutes.



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