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How many days of leave are we allowed to take, and when?


To facilitate the reconciliation of private and professional life, the State has put in place several measures in favor of families, and in particular special leaves reserved for certain important events in the life of employees, at the top of which weddings.

Variable-duration leave

In addition to the traditional paid holidays, employees in the private sector benefit from various specific rests granted according to exceptional circumstances. In this case, article L3142-1 of the Labor Code provides for additional days under “leave for family events”. As part of your next marriage, you are entitled, in principle, to an exceptional leave of absence for 4 days. An identical leave is also granted for the conclusion of a PACS. And as the celebration of your union could not be done without the presence of your relatives, a specific day of leave is also granted to the parents for the marriage of their child.

This legal provision imposes only a minimum number of days of leave, which may be revised upwards by the collective agreement applicable to your company. For employees of personal services companies, 5 working days are for example planned for the main interested parties. Even more generous, the collective agreement of advertising agencies grants up to a week off for the marriage of an employee, 2 days for that of a child and even 1 day if the lucky one is your brother or your sister. It is therefore essential to check with your employer to find out how many days of absence you can claim.

Finally, although civil servants also benefit from leave dedicated to family events, their duration varies depending on the administration.

An advantageous right

Faced with the time and workload required to organize a wedding, the legislator was rather flexible as to the period during which this exceptional leave was to be used. The future bride and groom can use these leave of absence for D-Day, during the week preceding the union or even the day after the ceremony, provided, however, that they have asked for this period of leave in advance. Conversely, an employee who took only vacation (legal leave) for his marriage will not be able to assert his right to special leave upon his return to the company.

Likewise, the objective of these absence authorizations being very precise, the Labor Code requires employees to justify the existence of the family event in question. In the present case, it is sufficient for the couple to provide a copy of the marriage certificate to the employer once the union has been celebrated. Please note, however, that certain collective agreements may provide for certain specific provisions in this area.

Apart from these subtleties, this marriage leave entitles you to the same remuneration as the legal leave. In other words, employees are paid normally, as if they had worked. In the public service, on the other hand, the terms of remuneration may change depending on the administration.



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