EconomyUnderstanding everything about disability pension

Understanding everything about disability pension


Unfortunately, the occurrence of a serious handicap has sometimes dramatic financial consequences. In order to support the citizens who are victims of it, the State has set up various public aids, such as the invalidity pension, which aims to compensate for a loss of income.

According to the figures available from DREES, the statistical institute of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, some 831,000 people benefited from it under one of the basic schemes at the end of 2018, for an average age set at 51 years.

Support for assets

This provisional compensation is intended for employees and the self-employed whose working or earning capacity has been reduced by at least 66% as a result of an accident or illness of non-professional origin. In other words, the person is concerned when he is no longer able to obtain a salary higher than a third of the normal remuneration of workers in his category and in his region.

To be eligible, you must not have reached the legal retirement age (62 years) and have been affiliated with Social Security for at least one year on the day of the medical declaration of your disability or the stoppage of work in resulting. But above all, you must have already integrated professional life, since an employee must have worked at least 600 hours during the previous 12 months or have contributed on a salary at least equal to 2,030 times the hourly minimum wage. The self-employed must prove a certain amount of contribution on their income from activity during the three preceding calendar years.

Additional income

The primary health insurance fund classifies eligible persons into three categories, depending on the seriousness of their condition and their ability to exercise or not a specific job or any profession. It is this status that determines the size of the invalidity pension, the amount of which reaches 30 to 50% of your average annual salary (calculated on your ten best years), within the limit of an oscillating ceiling, according to the categories, between 1,028.40 euros in 2021 for beneficiaries who can still exercise a remunerated activity and 2,840.42 euros for those who are completely disabled. In practice, this compensation was around 520 euros per month for invalids of the general scheme able to exercise a paid activity, against 1,800 euros for the most dependent in 2018, according to Drees.

In any case, be aware that this allowance can be modified, suspended or canceled depending on the evolution of your health and that it will necessarily cease when you retire.

Online application

Your health insurance fund can directly take the initiative to award you an invalidity pension if it considers that you meet the necessary conditions. Otherwise, you can take matters into your own hands or on the advice of your attending physician by completing the appropriate form (form S4150) and sending it with the required supporting documents (including a tax notice and a medical certificate) to your box.

For the most connected, a new teleservice has also been set up by Social Security since June 15, 2021. It allows you to apply for a disability pension entirely online from your Ameli account, with the exception of employees. having several employers who must continue to use the paper version.



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